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Our engagements and orientations

Some is the complexity of your survey, you profit from a level of expertise without equivalent.

Panel On The Web is an institute of survey adhering to the rules of Syntec, and thus proposes for this reason at the same time on-line and off-line survey.
The survey on Internet represent the heart of our activity but the diversity of our methodologies leads us to propose qualitative and quantitative complete solutions, online and offline in order to propose for each problems the most adapted service. Panel One The Web offers the advisability to you of making studies on two sources of sample: since our site or the site of the customer.

In addition to the qualification of our access panel, this advantage
guarantees rich studies using methodologies specific to our company.

Our company adheres to the permanent ethical code market surveys
published by code CCI/ESOMAR. This code proposes two fundamental
principles to which we subscribe:

Why an ethical and deontologic engagement?
" the experts of the market surveys should not undertake any activity which is not related to the market surveys, as for example the banking establishment of
data containing of personal information which will be used at ends of direct marketing or actions promotional. Such activities, which are not field of the market surveys, always must, from the way in which they are organized and carried out, to be clearly differentiated from the activities of market surveys ". It is for that that Panel On The Web created a station of Chief Privacy Officer (C.P.O.) Valérie Jourdan.

Why the control of a data processing owner?
" The expert must as indicate in advance as possible with the customer so certain parts of the work which it carries out for him are sub-contracted outside its institute
(including if it calls upon external consultants). He must with his request to reveal the identity to him of very under treating ". Our owner solution guarantees to us with respect to the customers the total control of the project and thus not of passage by

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