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WEBTESTING - Test your site

Why realizing a site test ?

  • The success key : the satisfaction of the Internet user

The development of the audience and the loyalty to the Internet user are today key objectives for the marketing managers of the Internet sites. The specificity of the media leads to a rough competition between the actors, e-commerce site, information portal or services companies. The key factor of success is based more than ever on the satisfaction of the Internet user.

  • Why an attitude survey ?

The U&A studies are richer in tools of analysis of the reactions of the Internet to the ergonomy of the site. Although they do not let the opportunity to explore deeply the motivations of the Internet User that cause some behaviours like purchase, loyalty, the choice of a site compared with another,…
Some important and non quantifiable variables in an attitude survey are sometimes ignored: the behaviour when visited a site, the implication, the interest, the intention of talking about that site, the intention of recommendation, …as Galan and Sabadie say (AFM, 2001) "an Internet site is not only a useful tool to get information on a product, to choose and to order". Internet is first of all a place o pleasure, of exchange, of interactivity between the user and the site owner. This specificity justifies the necessity of studies funded on the exploration and the measure of the behaviour in front of the site: it is the foundation of our Web Testing tool.

  • What are the systematic dimensions taken into account ?

Several dimensions are explored (phase qualitative) then measured (phase quantitative) in the framework of our methodology Web Testing .

The Information contains : these are the information vehicled by the site, commercial, technical, objective or subjective information. These information are going to be communicated or memorized by the user. In the case of an e-commerce site, these information are naturally related to the product or service offer, the enterprise or the sales contract. But we need to measure the precision, the spread, the accessibility, the clearness !

The entertaining character : fundamental in the usage of the Internet media, it is not an exclusivity to the on-line leisure and entertaining sites. Whatever the site, the satisfaction of the Internet user is build on an emotional experience funded on pleasure, on getting richer and discovering. The multimedia environment allows a solicitation of the ear and the eye. Tomorrow, other senses can be solicited… Two sub-dimensions are more analysed : the aesthetic and the inclination of the site to propose ways to relaxation (games, …) or distraction (news,…).

The interactivity : true innovation of the Internet compared to other media information, the interactivity can be decomposed into two sub-dimensions.
The first dimension is related to the personalisation elements of the site in function of the information sent by the user : the person receiving benefits can adapt the contains and the configuration of the site in function of the expectations, the profile and the habits of the Internet user.
The second sub-dimension is about the notion of community animation, which is the capacity of the site to propose the Internet user a space of meeting, exchanges and discovery, true "Forum".

L'efficacy : this dimension concerns the optimisation of the scripts and programs, it concerns the image and file compression, the architecture of the site in order to improve the access of the information of the user. The ergonomy of the site must privilege the time to access the Internet, must minimize the search constraints, must improve the ease to navigate.
Because the evolution of that dimension is deeply dependant of the quality of the Internet connexion and of the equipment of each user, Web Insight is the only methodology that takes into account the multimedia equipment of the Internet user in the analysis of the brought information.

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