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Web Profile : a studied profiling approach

The high qualification of our off-line and on-line samples to the service of an innovating methodology in terms of profiling.

Because your worry is to valorise your site for advertisers and to convert your visitors into qualified prospects… Panel On The Web proposes with WEB PROFILE an innovative methodological approach in terms of profiling.

Our qualified data base on more than 1.800 criteria of consumption and on-line and off-line purchase allow us to propose a richer information, more targeted, joining the online and offline behaviours of the interviewed people.

The result of a doctoral research program run by the manager, Philippe Jourdan and the thoughts of the scientific committee of Panel On The Web allow us today to propose Web Profile. WEB PROFILE is a tool that determines the profile and the compared potential of the visitor, subscriber or client of all Internet sites in comparison with the one of its direct competitors.

More concretely, WEB PROFILE is a survey process in 3 steps. Of course, each one can operate completely independently, but the meeting of the 3 phases is the guaranty of a rigorous methodology in attendance on your marketing information system :

1 - The calibration : during a variable duration, depending on the audience of the site, but not exceeding more than several weeks, profiling data are collected from the strategic pages of the client. A recruiting banner helps to collect the information on three strategic dimensions : the socio-demographic profile, the frequentation of the site and the competitors sites, the requested information.

2 - The tracking : a repeated interrogation several times a year on a sample extracted from our panel being calibrated in function of the information of the previous phase. It will determine the profile and the evolution of the visitors, subscribers or clients of a site in comparison with the ones of a competitor. Because of the qualification and the size of our panel, we can propose an approach based on bench marketing. Moreover, our statistic and analysis tools allow us to explore and valorise the profiles depending on their on-line and off-line behaviour.

3 - The deepening : this phase thanks to our on-line panel and the other off-line methodologies, allows to spread the analysis to the research of new prospects and people with a high potential.

This offer is principally directed to the announcers and to the advertising agencies which want to optimise their marketing resources, due to the decrease of the advertising incomes.

For more information :

We invite you to contact Valérie Jourdan ( for any demand about this tool, about the qualification of our samples, for any sending of brochures or cost request at the following number: +33 1 48 00 81 44.

We are also available if you want us to create you a secure client Bureau that allow you to access to our tool "Sample Analyser". This simple tool lets you access to the questions our panel is qualified and like that you could simulate the creation of samples according to relevant qualification criteria.

We also recommend you the index card established by the site in Mai 2001 about the profiling that you can download here.


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